Rummy without the gin

Oh boy, today is going to be a long one.  Long because I have been awake since 2:00 am and up since around 3:15.  Luckily, not because of “issues”.  Nope, just good old fashion insomnia.  Actually, part of the problem is that I skipped eating while we celebrated Bailey’s birthday over at Mom’s house.  We bought Homeplace Pizza and had birthday cake.  Gluten, Gluten and more Gluten.  I resisted, but when I got home, I made a huge salad and topped it with chicken breast.  Ate too much, too late.  So I am not at my best this morning.

This week, my walking partner is out-of-town, so I am on my own.  I need to water her plants.  So I will head to Mt. Angel and walk up the Abbey hill by myself.  Then take care of her plants, stop at Mom’s and then head home.  LL works late today, and I have my weight watchers meeting. (Not going to be pretty).  Since I have already drank 1/2 a pot of coffee, I most likely will make it through the day, I just won’t have my normally bright and sunny disposition. 🙂  I am thinking that my walk and watering plants is about all the physical activity I am going to muster when I am so tired.  That means it might be a perfect day to sit and make some jewelry, finish my book on my eReader, and do laundry.

The rest of the week is up in the air.  Seems like something is going on this week, but with my brain so rummy, I have no idea what that might be.  Watching the news right now.  I thought we were supposed to have decent weather this week, now they are saying showers almost every day.  Really getting impatient for some summer weather.


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