20 years fly by

Sunday, my baby turned 20 years old.  LL often calls Bailey……Joanie Kristine.  Because she is so much like her grandma Joan and her aunt/godmom Kris.  Well, like Kris, Bailey knows everyone, never has met a stranger, she’s head strong,(ok, she might be a bit like me too).  But there is a trait like her Aunt Kris that I do not like.  They both avoid getting their picture taken.  So much so, that it is almost impossible to find a decent one of either one of them.  So here is a picture I have posted before of Bailey and her Dad dancing at Thomas’s wedding a couple of months ago.

Where has time gone?  Seems like yesterday I was cradling and rocking my sweet little Rosebud.  I love you Bailey.

Say……I got on Bailey’s facebook and found some more pictures.  She can’t get mad at me, after all…..she posted them first.  Right?

Bailey with Liv, her roommate.  They look more like sisters.

Rett and Bailey.

Bailey with brother Kane.  They have their dad’s humor.

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