Some horses are higher than they should be

Happy Friday!

I forgot to post this picture the other day.  I like the colors and love that even though the focus is on the red flowers, you can still see the yellow flowers in forefront and the flag in the background.

I made it to Costco yesterday.  Spent less money than I had planned.  How often does that happen when going to Costco?  It helped that I only got what was on my list, but also I used coupons and chose the brands that were even more on sale.

I then got home, ate lunch.  I turned on the t.v. for a bit and was watching an interview of an author of a book that looked interesting.  I thought I should get this book.  Silverton has a book store, but it is small and has mostly used books.  Borders closed down in Salem, which leaves a large book store but it is in downtown Salem.  If I had the car, I would have wasted the gas and went, but I had the pickup and was not going to drive it downtown.  So I was feeling sorry for myself, but decided to get outside and work.  An hour or so later, I remember that I could download it onto my eReader.  I have read it lately, but it had been a long time since I bought a book for it.  So instead of finishing my work and spending the evening getting the book and reading, I decided to go into the house right then and be done with it.  After all, I could then stop thinking about it and then get back to work.  Right?

Well it all started (remember) 🙂 Well it all started with getting on my laptop to shop.  I get on-line and find the website.  Find the book.  Buy the book.  This takes maybe 15 minutes.  I then get the e-reader and plug it into the laptop.  Then what?  Well that is what I ask myself.  I could not remember how to sync it.  So I look for help on the website.  Read the instructions.  I think “oh that’s right, it is so easy”.  I follow the instructions but the last step is “Click the sync button”.  Where’s the sync button?  I have done this umpteen times with out a problem.  What is wrong with my brain?  Where the  Hell is the sync button?  I must be doing something wrong.  I follow the instructions from the beginning AGAIN.  Get to the last step and again…….where the !@#$ is the sync button.  This is about 1 1/2 hours later.  There is no Sync button.  So I get on my High Horse and find the phone number and call.  I wait on hold for about 8 minutes and when I hear “How may I help you”  on the other end, well I go into a long spill that I bought the book, I went to download and something is wrong with THEIR site that there is NO sync button.  When I finally stop for a breath, the man on the other end says, “Miss, I am sorry but this is ______ Construction, you must have the wrong number”.  After climbing down from my very High and probably embarrassed horse, I apologize and try again.  This time dialing right and only waiting about 6 minutes on hold.

I get this nice lady who listens to the same spill as the poor construction man, but without the sarcasm and attitude, well at first, but the attitude came back quickly.  She says I need to download their software.  I tell her “NO I Don’t, I already bought the book, I have down loaded “hundreds” of books, in reality (umpteen books).  I know what I am doing!  There is NO SYNC Button, someone removed the sync button!!!!!”  She says, Miss, (why is everyone calling me Miss, I must have a young voice, 🙂 or it might be that I sound like I am about to have a tantrum)  She says “Miss, trust me on this.  I will e-mail you the location of the software, just click it, follow the instructions and you will be good to go.”  Oh sure… are just trying to get rid of me.  I don’t say that, but that’s my attitude.  I said ok, but what is your name because when, yes I said when, it does not work, I want to know who to ask for when I call back. 🙂  Take THAT!  Can’t get rid of me so easily.  So I make a promise to “Lacy” that I will be talking to her again soon.

I get on my e-mail, click on the site, and lo and behold, it starts downloading the software.  Well that’s fine and good, but I know that’s not the problem, after all, I have done the “Millions” of time, so this is just an unnecessary waste of time.  But I miss my horse, I want to be able to climb up on it and call Lacy back and give her hell!  So when it is done I look at my laptop and see the little icon on the desk top.  *well this looks familiar*  Click on it and there is all the books I have purchased in the past.  *boy this looks really, really, familiar*.  I look closer and there is the book I just purchased.  I plug my e-reader in and look again at the laptop.  There’s the sync button.  It just “Magically” appeared.  I press the button and about 20 seconds later, the book is on the reader.

Then, and only then did it dawn on me that I had not bought a book since we got the new lap top.  This lap top never had the software on it.  When the kids bought the e-reader for me, I think Bailey set it up for me on the old computer and so I never gave it another thought.  Or maybe with my brain, I never gave it a single thought.  By this time it is 2 1/2 hours later and the day wasted.  But I did spend the evening reading and when I am done with today’s work, I will spend the rest of the time reading.  My question to myself is……Knowing I am the most low tech, inept, person around on the computer……why would I ever feel I have the right to get up on that high horse as if there is no way I could possible be in the wrong?  I am a very silly, confused, yet confident person. 🙂


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  1. Maybe it’s like a mountain, your horse… because it’s there!

    • True. I normally am a kind and polite person. Something happens to me while I sit on hold and am waiting for a customer service person. I know they are just doing their job, but for some reason, politeness goes out the door along with patience. 😦

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