Lord I was born a rambling girl…….

Good Morning!  It’s supposed to be another nice day today.  Yesterday was busy.  Kris, Kara, and I walked up and around the Abbey first thing in the morning.  I rushed home to shower, go to store, bank and then spend a couple of hours visiting my friend Becky.  I rarely see her during the school year so we had a lot of catching up to do.  After that, I came home and worked inside and out.  Finished making dinner just as LL walked in the door.  We rarely eat together during the week.  I think there is only one night that we are both home.  I made Thai chicken and vegetables with peanut sauce, rice and cucumber salad.  Love summer food.

I also like summer activity.  After dinner the rest of the year, LL and I tend to vegetate in front of the t.v. or a book.  We really need to change that.  But this time of year, it is natural to take advantage of the daylight and nice weather.  LL mowed and put our new solar blanket on the pool.  After doing the dishes, I watered the ornamentals and vegetable garden, and puttered around.  We came in just after 8:00.  Turned on the t.v. only to realize another reason we do not vegetate in front of the boob tube this time of year.  There is nothing good on the watch.  Reruns or reality shows.  I ended up going to bed early.

This morning, I am not going for my walk.  I want to get a few things done before heading to Mt. Angel to pick Mom and Kara up.  My To Do list is to vacuum and dust my bedroom.  Did not sleep well last night because I could not breathe.  Need to get all the dust and dog hair up.  Another thing on my To Do list is writing this blog. Notice I have been posting more lately.  Some days I don’t have much to say, so I end up skipping for a few days and a few days end up stretching out to a week or two.  Then it is harder to get back on to blog.  So this might explain to you why I am now at this very moment writing this rambling, about nothing post.  I had nothing special to say or show, but did not want to skip.

After my To Do list, I need to make a To Get list for Costco.  Mom and Kara are going with me to Costco.  Everything on my list will be practical, although some things are exclusively summer fare.  I don’t normally buy hamburger patties, etc.  When we get back, I don’t want to waste this beautiful day.  Hopefully my digestion will allow me to walk later than usual.  Then some more yard work.  I am yearning for summer weather to be a constant.  But alas, tomorrow the rain will probably return and stick around for the weekend.  Darn it!  I really wanted to go camping this weekend. 😦


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