Weighing in on Books. Sorta

So do I celebrate or keep things in perspective?  My weigh in last night was not bad.  Not bad because I spent the previous 24 hours running to the bathroom.  Oh well, I will take it.

Not sure what is up for today.  Actually, I am writing this on Monday night so the weather is a mystery and not sure how I will sleep.  But I will keep talking as if I am writing this on Tuesday morning.  Maybe  “TODAY” 😉 I will get a good long walk in since “yesterday” was a wash out because of “issues”.  Notice I am using a lot of quotation marks.  Don’t know “why”……Just feels “right”. 🙂

If I am up to it and my mom wants to, I really need to do a Costco run.  I usually go and do a big buy for summer stuff.  Hamburger patties, toilet paper, clothes soap, some condiments, etc.  I like to do this before the weather gets nice in case we have unexpected pool company.  That way if it is dinner time, I can throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill and feel like a decent hostess.

Tomorrow night, Oh, I mean “TONIGHT” is book club night.  I haven’t blogged about this.  A couple of weeks ago  I was invited to join a book club with a friend that works with LL,….HI Lynda.  A group of gals get together for a light supper and we read a book out loud together.  I am having a great time.  So that I can make it, I won’t be eating much through out the day.  The book?  Well I will blog about the book in a future post, but I will say I am surprised that I am enjoying the book choice so much.  I have a theory on that, but again, I will explain later.

So I am happy to say, this resistant hermit is getting out two evenings a week.  Improvement!  I can’t eat much on Monday (weight watchers meeting) and Tuesday (book club), but it is worth it.  I feel almost normal.  Almost.


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