Photography! I really should study more often

Plans change.  This evening I would normally be at my book club, but Lynda is about to become a grandma, in fact she may be already.  So it has been cancelled or perhaps we will meet tomorrow night.  I’ll find out tomorrow.  So I had some free time and studied a bit on photography.  I decided to concentrate on reading about just one or two things, then practice it.  Too often I read too much and none of it seems to stick in my brain.  I am also a tactile person who learns and remembers best when actually doing the task.  So this evening I am learning about the aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode.  After soaking in as much info as I could, I decided to take advantage of the evening light and try out some settings and speeds.  I took about 50 photos but I will only pick a few.  Still, I might need to do it in two separate posts.

Color, Color, Color……Loves me some color!

Look how well you can see the girls individual feathers.  Boy, what an improvement.

Strike a pose Harriet.

With this picture, I worked in Photo shop elements to lighten up the back area of pool so you could see the fence, and brighten the pool itself.  Look how nice the border LL painted looks.  He did a great job.


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