OOPS, I did it again

I think LL had a good day for Father’s day.  I know I had a good time.  Mom and my brother David came over for dinner.  Kane grilled steaks and hamburgers, I made a couple of salads, baked potatoes, mom brought fresh green beans, and I made strawberry shortcake for dessert.  I also made a pitcher of strawberry lemon sangria that turned out yummy, but if I make it again, I will use less lemons or remove them earlier.

Now maybe, just maybe the sangria did not agree with me.  But likely it was the fact that for the first time in two years, I ate some shortcake.  I KNOW!  Well it all started (remember when ever I start a sentence with “well it all started” I never come out looking too good in the story. 😦  Well it all started when LL went out in the morning and picked our small strawberry patch.  A huge bowl of red lovely berries.  I had to try them.  I could have just ate a few berries…..yes that would have been smart, but I sliced them and sweetened them up.  I could have had a bowl of the sweetened berries and called it good….yes that would have been smart, but no, I had a bowl, small bowl, but still a bowl of gluten, disguised as shortcake.  I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!  Right now I know what you are thinking….*when is this girl ever going to learn?*  and normally I would make fun of you thinking such a thing, but this time I am siding with you.  I love strawberry shortcake.  Two years are a long time going without even a taste, but I can now tell you fully and whole heartedly……)))IT WAS NOT WORTH IT(((.  So no walking for me today. 😦  I called Kris to let her know.  I was up all night running to the bathroom, and am sitting very still this morning but still having to race my rebelling bowels to the bathroom.

Still, it was a really nice day yesterday.  After dinner, LL tried out his new portable hammock that will make its home at Miller’s Crossing.

Today, for the most part will be a wash out.  I will need to sit for quite a while and hope “issues” stop and the ointments do their job.  Because my weight watchers meeting is this evening.  Oh I wouldn’t mind missing it because the scale may not be my friend this week.  But I know myself.  If I avoid going for fear of having the scale go up a bit, well I will often find an excuse not to face the consequences of my choices.  I can not be the only one out there like this……Anyone?  Anyone? 🙂


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