Week end

After giving Beau a bath, I did not want him wet on the hard wood floor so I told him to get on his bed.  Rufus was having none of that and beat Beau to it.  I think Rufus is really Gumby.

So what is the plan this weekend?  Well I got some sad news yesterday.  An old friend’s daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was a child……Well her daughter passed away on Tuesday.  I think the rosary vigil is tonight, so I hope I will be able to go.  The funeral is Saturday.  It is at the same time as my nephew Michael’s graduation party, so I am not sure if I will try to attend both.  LL will not be attending, he is running counseling groups on Saturday so that a coworker can have some time off.

Sunday is Father’s day.  I am hoping the weather is nice enough for me to grill steaks and have dinner for LL and the kids out on the pool patio.  The pool will still be filling up and far too cold to swim.  But it will feel more like summer if we can just relax around it.  LL already received his gift from Max and I.  Actually, LL is the one who noticed an ad in the paper for a portable hammock that he can have up at Miller’s crossing.  I bought it that same day but it was really heavy and I needed him to unload it……Surprise! 🙂  Kane has been working a lot of hours so I have not seen him all week.  Not sure if he has to work Saturday and miss Michael’s party, but I am sure Kane will be here on Sunday.


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