Ship Shape

Last week was very busy.  LL took the week off.  We started his vacation time going to the beach.  Max, Karen, Mom, Kris and Steve were with us.  Such a great time.

View from our room patio.

I do believe the Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful places.  OK, I have not been everywhere, but I have been to the Mediterranean and although gorgeous, there is something very wild and stunning about our Oregon coastline.

After a lovely weekend.  LL and I got down to work.

This is how LL started his week.  Emptying the pool.  Grouting, scrubbing, etc……

But the week’s weather was not good.  So it wasn’t until yesterday, his last day of vacation, that he was able to paint.

Maintaining a pool is a lot of work.  Maybe if we ever get our place up for sale and actually sell it,…..LL will never have to paint the pool again. 🙂

While he worked on the pool.  I planted some of the garden.  This is just a bit.  I do have most planted but still have a few things in the green house needed to be taken care of.  The strawberry plants are loaded and ripening this year.  Yum.  The raspberry bushes are also loaded.  Can’t wait to eat those.  LL and I eat them off the bush as soon as they ripen.  In fact, it is kind of a race to see who will get to them first.  He often wins.

As I said before, the weather was not good.  Rained most of the week.  So LL got things fixed inside.  Did a bit of painting and worked in the garage and storage room.  I did what I seem to always do.  Cleaning and decluttering.

My kitchen and most the rest of the house is clean and clutter free.  Yipee.  Well, the middle bedroom needs some work and so does the family room in the basement.  But still, I kind of liked having a week that LL was stuck inside and had to help me fix things, lift things, paint things.  I know he would have rather been outside.  Yard work isn’t work to him, unclogging a sink and painting trim…..Now that is work he hates.  Oh well, his loss is my gain.  🙂

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