An Apple and a Carrot

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know…..A day when not much goes right.  That was my Wednesday.  It started out o.k.  But little things kept going wrong.  While walking with Kris, a woman approached us while we were up at the Abbey and was rude and unkind.  She had just left Mass, and I am wondering…….has she ever heard that we are supposed to be Christlike.  Well Kris and I were left feeling sad and upset.  Luckily we stopped for coffee at the Abbey coffee shop and the ladies we know there were appalled when we told them of this encounter and apparently some one else was approached by this gal and that we should ignore her.  Felt a little better after that but it still stuck with me all day.

Other things were not going right.  I could not find things I needed, Max was having a difficult day, had an uncomfortable conversation with the provider of Max’s staff about the delay of hiring a new permanent person for Max, and then it happened.  I went on the computer and could not get on-line.  Fiddled with it a little and I did a stupid thing.  I accidentally uninstalled an important program that allows the computer to be wireless.  You might be wondering, “how did you ‘accidentally’ uninstall a whole program?”  Well I DON’T KNOW!  If I knew, I would not have done it and it would not be called an accident.

It was bad enough that I knew I had blown it, but I also knew that LL was going to be very upset.  He hates undoing my computer mistakes, although he has had tons of practice.  So while I was feeling stupid and nervous about it, I then proceeded to throw my good progress on my diet out the window and eat half a bag of gluten-free chips that my neighbor bought me from Costco.  I did mention from Costco because I want you to picture how huge those bags you get from that store are.  Oh but I wasn’t done.  Kane was supposed to come over to watch Hatfield’s and McCoy’s with LL and I.  So I made pork chops.  Weighed my portion out a head of time so that I would not over eat.  I then found out Kane would not be coming.  LL comes home, upset about the latest episode that his ditzy wife did with the computer.  But he knew I felt bad and he was kind.  I then ate my tiny portion of pork chop and then Kane’s huge pork chop and topped it off with some ice cream.

I sat watching 5 hours of Hatfield’s and McCoy feeling like a stuffed pig.  You know, the kind with an apple in their mouth and a carrot stuffed up their butts.  Sorry, but that is how I felt.

I won’t do a spoiler here but the show was good until almost the very end when something horrible happens to one of the only decent people in the movie.  And it hit close to home for me.  When you watch it, you will understand.  So I went to bed and was thankful that Thursday was bound to be better.

It was better but for some reason, my eating frenzy carried on for one more day.  OH Well, today is another new day.  I am excited to be going to the beach.  Kris and Steve invited LL, Max and I to stay with them at their time share in Depot Bay.  I think Mom and Karen will be there too.  What Fun!  Today is also Kris’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Sis!


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