Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Weekend.  No firm plans here.  Well we have plans, but we are letting the weather dictate the timing.  We hope to camp at Miller’s Crossing one or two nights.  I am not even sure if we will go later this afternoon, or wait till the morning to head on out.

The weekend weather is not going to be very warm but especially on Sunday and Monday.  So we will probably come home sometime Sunday and spend a couple of days working on the pool and garden.

So today I need to clean up around here.  Get some groceries for the weekend, but not much preparation is needed for the food.  I think we will have hot dogs, steak, sandwich makings, cereal.  I have not made breakfast the last couple times we have camped, but Kane is planning on coming up, and he always appreciates when I cook, so I will make eggs, hash browns, bacon, etc. on Sunday morning and save the steak dinner for Saturday night.

Part of the camping trip will be spent laying down flag stones for a little patio area.  Last weekend I forgot to take my camera, but I won’t this time, so I hope to post pictures in a couple of days.

Have a great weekend.  And take the time to remember those not will us anymore.

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