Tea Party

It’s been a nice busy week around here so far.  Over the last few days, I got in some good long walks.  A couple of them left me soaked from the rain, but felt good.  But this morning I am freezing for some reason.  I have the fire-place going, a warm sweat shirt and sweat pants on and wrapped up in a blanket.  It is raining outside and I just don’t feel like getting wet and chilled today.  So this morning I have been perusing Pinterest.  I love looking at ideas, awing over the creativity of others, dreaming about making, going, tasting, experiencing what some of the pictures show.  And even making some realistic plans to do some ideas I have found.  The picture up above is one of a few tea party tables I have found.

Vintage trailer

I love, love, love this camp trailer.  Some day, LL and I want to restore one and maybe sell it, or maybe keep it.

Jingle Jump

Anyone remember this toy?  Kris and I had several growing up.  Oh the low tech toys we had them.  A child would look at this now and think, “You want me to do WHAT with this?”  JUMP

Scrabble magnetic board

I am not just dreaming about this one.  I am going to make this scrabble magnetic board.

Fourth of July Cake

I want to make this for the fourth of July.  I love the look of it.  But I am not sure about the taste.  Not a fan of white cake and even though I can’t eat it, I was thinking of trying this but adding just a touch of flavoring or extract.  Maybe coconut or almond or even banana.  Just to get it a slightly more interesting taste.  But isn’t it the cutest cake that even an artistically challenged person like me can do.  Oh who am I kidding…..I can still screw it up.

Tea party cookies

If I ever do have a tea party….with the beautiful table, everyone wearing floral dresses and wide brim hats…..I would so want to have these cookies on the table.  They are just the cleverest.

Oh I have so many other pictures to show you and ideas I get from them.  Maybe I will do a few more posting like these.

Anyway.  It is after 9:00 here.  Far too late for me to just be sitting around.  So I guess I will get a few things done inside, and if there is a break in the weather, I will get in a walk.  If not, well I guess I will be doing some Sweating with the oldies dvd.  Good old Richard Simmons.  Have a blessed day and STAY WARM.

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