Keep on moving

Looks like a nice sunny morning here….again!  I am loving the nice weather.  I have been keeping myself busy so far this week.  A bit of work inside, some outside.  Planting, watering, cleaning up, mowing, etc..  I have walked some long uphill walks the last three days, plus walking to the store, and walking around town for other errands.  But today may be a down day.  I had a hard time sleeping Tuesday night but still got a lot done yesterday…. Repolished some of the floors, since I got Rufus cleaned up and nails clipped, mowed, and so on.  But last night, or I should say this morning because I have been up since 2:00 am, I started having “issues”.  I am better now but very tired.  Still, I will do what I can do.

We are hoping to go to Miller’s Crossing on Saturday.  Get work done on the new campsite, and  come back Sunday afternoon.  It will be just a short stay because the following weekend is Memorial Day weekend and we will be spending more time then.

I should get going.  I have been trying to walk from 8:00 to 9:00 so that I am back when Max needs to get up before staff arrives.  I won’t push myself today.  Just walk till I don’t feel like going further.  Even if it is just 20 minutes, I want to keep on the routine.  You KNOW how I love routines. 😉


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