Mother’s day weekend

What a wonderful few days it has been.  This is Brantley.  Kane’s girlfriend Lisa’s little boy.  He’s the cutest little guy.  I took a few pictures on Tuesday.  Poor thing flew in from Missouri that morning and we all passed him around.  I am sure it was tiring for him.

Max was looking forward to holding Brantley.

 Bailey and Rett are a typical couple.  She made him hold Brantley and the told him how he was doing it all wrong. 🙂

LL and I got up early on Sunday and went fishing.

Beau too.  It was a beautiful morning but we only got a few bites. 😦

 Later we all went to Mom’s house.  And again, Brantley was passed around.  This time Karen got in on it.

Kane, Lisa and Brantley.  🙂  Lisa and Brantley will be here only for a couple more days and I know Kane will be a bit sad.  But they are soon to be back here for good.  I think we all are going to miss them though.


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