Sun’s Up

Happy Monday!  It is supposed to be 80 degrees today.  Happy Happy Joy Joy!   I  am looking forward to a dry week.  Even though the rest of the week won’t be nearly as warm.

Today, I am hoping for a nice walk with Kris.  Walking up to the Abbey should be gorgeous.  We will probably stop for a bit up there for a cup of coffee.  Then hope to work, work, work!  A bit outside and a bit inside.

Tuesday is an exciting day here.  Kane’s girlfriend Lisa and her son Brantley are flying in from Missouri.  Kane is bringing them over for pizza dinner so we can meet them.  I have only talked to Lisa on the phone and computer, so I am looking forward to meeting her.

The rest of the week is up in the air.  I hope to get a lot done around here, so I better be careful how I eat.  I also hope Kane takes Lisa out so LL and I can baby sit.  Lisa and Brantley are planning to move back to Oregon soon, so if I don’t have the opportunity this time around, I am sure I will eventually.

Have a great day.  I hope it is sunny where ever you are.  🙂

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