Rambling and wasting the time away

What to do today???  The only have to thing is Beau’s grooming appointment at 12:30.  Usually his appointments are first thing on a Monday morning, but last time he was groomed, I was having my scans, so Kris dropped him off and LL picked him up and no appointment was set.  So we are a bit off schedule this time.  Normally, although he gets a bit yucky between appointments, I don’t normally have to bathe him between.  Last week, I couldn’t stand the smell of him and bathed him.  So he is looking like a rag doll now and I will be happy getting him spift up today.  Thinking of forgoing the cute sheltie cut and getting him sheared off for the summer.  Maybe today or maybe next time.  He will look pretty strange but I am sure still cute.  So I will be walking him to the groomers then and hoping the rain has stopped so I can get my exercise walk in at that time.  I say exercise walk, because I have also been taking Beau for a walk every day because he is so fat, but it doesn’t get me much of a work out because every minute or so, he has to stop to bless a bush one way or another.

Yesterday I felt better than I thought I would.  I walked a 5K.  Sounds impressive but in reality, it is only 3.2 miles.  I then walked Beau for about 20 minutes.  Another mile.  I then got the house cleaned.  Vacuumed, swept, dusted, laundry, dishes done and cleaned my Jenn Air stove, which is a job I hate because it gets pretty greasy with its down draft fan.  I then needed to get a few things at the grocery store and decided to walk.  Another mile.  So after dinner and dishes, I was dog tired and my feet were feeling it.  Still, felt good to be back to normal.

So that means I got to wake up to a pretty clean house.  Last night I was thinking I would work in the yard and garden this morning.  Was looking forward to it but it is raining pretty hard still and I am not in the mood for mud.  Now with my huge home, there is always something that needs to be done.  But the reason these things need to be done is because I hate doing them and put these chores off.  Things like cleaning a closet or two.  Switching my winter/summer clothes, (really putting this off because I have gained a lot of weight and can’t fit into my summer clothes) 😦  I have wood work and dust boards that could be scrubbed, or there is my very least favorite chore, paper work, (filing, trashing, sending).

Now in the past, I would take a day like this and make it a baking day.  A couple batches of cookies, bake bread, maybe a cake.  But LL and I are not eating that stuff anymore.  And even if he was, I don’t have a speck of flour in my kitchen because flour dust contaminates my kitchen with gluten.  Normally I could go to Mt. Angel and spend a couple of hours with Mom, but she is gone all day.  I could go to Salem and get some items I can not find here in town, like gluten-free soy sauce, but it is Thursday and LL works late in Portland, leaving me with the pick-up.  Not wasting the gas.

So maybe I will waste the morning away debating how to spend my time.  OK, I have made a decision.  Cleaning a closet or two sounds like the least yucky choice.  You knew it wasn’t going to be paper work, didn’t ya?


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