Mixed Blessings

Good Morning.  Feeling a bit better this morning.  Yesterday, although I felt better than I felt on Monday, my body had no energy after I was done with “issues”.  In fact, even with good intentions of getting a walk in and things done around here……the only thing I did was go to the bank, gas up car, grocery store, and took Mom to the nursery to pick up a couple of plants.  In fact, I found myself so tired that at some point in the afternoon, I fell asleep and woke up only when Max and Bailey came after work.  I never nap.  It seems my whole system goes into trauma during these episodes and I should be use to it.  But it always amazes me how sensitive my entire body is when my bowels are in distress.

As I said before, I am feeling a bit better but definitely not normal.  I need to be getting Max up at 7:00, we need to be at the hospital by 7:45 and I need him to get ready without eating or drinking anything.  That will be a challenge.  This is normally Kris and my walking time, so I need to call her and see if we will skip it or try to fit the walk in before she goes to work this afternoon.  I won’t pretend to plan to get much done today.  Even though I am feeling better, I still think if I could, I would sleep the day away.

Every day I am improving and I hope by tomorrow I will feel back to normal.  It seems because I have figured out most my food triggers now and the more time that goes between these episodes……the harder they hit when they do happen.  It seems that way, but in reality, probably the fact that I feel good more often makes the bad days just seem worse.  Oh well, the good news is that these episodes are less frequent and I do thank God for that blessing.


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