Pop Corn is not my friend

It has been a rough few days here for me.  I expected to have a rough day on Saturday.  At the wedding, although I skipped the roll and cake, I knew I would be ingesting hidden gluten.  And I did.  I also took a couple of immodiums so I could make it through the reception and that always screws things up for a couple of days.  So Saturday was a day pretty much wasted.  But it was worth it.  I had fun at the wedding.

Sunday I was feeling better.  Got a long walk in.  Got a few things done.  But I did something very stupid.  I was hungry and this last week I started a diet so I ate a small bowl of popcorn.  Well, as you may know, popcorn for healthy colons can be a challenging thing to digest.  For someone with out a rectum, very little large intestine, and a scarred and shortened small intestine, digesting pop corn is like digesting glass.  Stupid is putting it mildly.

So yesterday, Monday, I had a miserable day.  I couldn’t go for a walk.  Tried to walk on the treadmill, but that did not work.  Decided to make myself at least pick up the house but got nothing else done.  I then needed to take Max to the doctor.  This was at 3:00.  I made it but was uncomfortable.  We needed to go to the store for dog food.  Saw mom and David there but I felt kind of rude, barely saying hi and waddling through the store and back home.  It hurt.  I made it to my weight watchers meeting.  After weighing in.  Lost 2 lbs.  Which was good but for the first week, I was hoping for a little more.  My metabolism since cancer treatments and forced menopause has slowed tremendously so I should be happy with two pounds.  Just not what I am use to.  I stayed for the meeting but sat very carefully and quietly.

This morning I am still getting rid of the pop corn.  Will it never end?  Well I think it is close to being done and then I have to let things heal with the help of my ointments.  This will take a couple of days.  Still, I am hoping before it starts raining hard today, I might get a walk in.  Or probably in order to stay close to the bathroom, I probably will use the treadmill.  I just always prefer to be outside.

Tomorrow morning I need to take Max to the Silverton Hospital to have his gull bladder scanned.  Getting him up early enough for this will be a challenge.  Wish me luck.


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