Big Day

Today is the wedding.  My nephew Thomas is marrying a lovely girl, Michelle.  This is exciting.  I don’t go to too many weddings anymore.  It is at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church where I was married and the reception is in the new community/Oktoberfest building.  There will be dancing, so I hope my digestion cooperates and I guess I also hope my hubby cooperates.  He doesn’t dance much.

So today is all about ensuring Konnie makes it to the wedding.  I got my walk in right before it started raining.  Going to work around the house this morning. I did eat a banana this morning but that will be it until the reception.   Around 1:00, (I know this is too much info, but it is my reality,) I will give my self an enema.  When that is all finished, it will be bath, nails, hair, make-up time.  I don’t get gussied up often anymore so this may take a while.  Then it will be time to make sure Max is showered, freshly shaved and looking handsome.

The wedding is at 6:00 and LL says he will be home early.  I hope he is because nothing stresses me more then when I am ready to go, time to leave, and he just then jumps in the shower.  This is our history and it isn’t pretty.  I tend to be a fish wife in those moments.  Can’t help it.  One way to look at it is I should expect it and just let it go.  Another way to look at it is if LL doesn’t like these nagging moments, he should be on time.  Actually, we both have gotten better at this.  I rarely get flustered and angry at him for this anymore, and he has improved on being timely.  In fact, we are good for each other.  If it wasn’t for me, he would be 20 minutes late everywhere, and if it wasn’t for him, I would be 20 minutes early everywhere.   Have a great day.


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