Alone again….Unnaturally

I haven’t meant to ignore this blog the last few days.  We made it to Miller’s Crossing last weekend, but I had some kind of bug.  Chills, fever, a bit nauseous.  Bailey ended up with it a day or so later.  So we cut our camping trip short.

Then the last couple of days have been busy.  At least for me.  Monday, Kris and I went walking up the abbey.  I came home and got Max up and going before staff arrived.  Kris and I then went to Salem and as soon as I got back home, Max wanted to go to the Abbey to pray.  He feels he needs to pray up there to make sure God is listening.  Sometimes he is too precious.  Stopped by Mom’s for a few minutes and then got home just in time to leave again for a meeting.  So I didn’t really setting down at home here until 7:00 or so in the evening.  Needless to say, I did not eat much all day so I could do all this.  Which helped out for the next morning, because…….

Tuesday, I had a doctor’s appointment with my Chemo Doctor.  Got a great report!  6 more months to go for the big 3 year mark in remission.  That is the biggy for my type of cancer.  Then I drove to Woodburn and Kris cut and colored my hair and I love it.  She always does a good job, stopped by Mom’s for a few minutes.  By the time I got home, I was starving, so I ate and of course the rest of the afternoon and evening were taken up with staying close to the bathroom.  Still, it was nice to have two active “normal” days.

This morning, I woke up probably for the first time in 26 or 27 years alone in the house.  LL is gone for a few days for work and with Kane moved out, Max slept at his house, and with now Bailey moved out, I found myself walking around the house last night turning off lights, locking doors……..the routine LL usually does because I go to bed first.  It was weird being alone in this huge house.  Well not really alone, I had my two boys to give me company and protection.  So I slept well.  Just strange.

Today, I will drive to Mt. Angel to walk up the Abbey with Kris.  Stop by Mom’s for a few minutes and then get home to make sure staff has arrived and Max is doing well.  Then I plan on working around here.  I want to make sure LL and Max’s clothes are clean and pressed for the wedding on Friday, and if I can find the hair cutting scissors, I think I will trim Max’s hair.  Well I better get myself up and moving.  Have a blessed day.


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