A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Looks like the weather is still supposed to be nice this weekend.  The weather predictions here in the Northwest can change on a dime, so I still don’t fully trust the weatherman.  But I will play along as if it will be a dry and in the 70’s Saturday and Sunday.  This means preparing for Miller’s Crossing.  There was so many things I forgot or thought I had plenty of, so I hope to be better organized this time around.

Today, Max doesn’t have staff this morning, so I am in charge of his morning routine and getting him to work at 11:00.  He does have a new, but temporary staff this afternoon.  So I need to be available when they get home in case there is questions or Max has problems.  LL is working late in Portland this evening, so that means he has the car and I have the pick-up.  I am not a pick-up type girl.  Oh I can drive it fine, it is parking that becomes an issue.  So I will be home most the day, walking Max to work and if it is not raining when I do that, I plan on taking Baby with me and going for a long walk to take pictures.

Before I get Max up and going though, I will try to get the bulk of chores done around here.  Rain or shine, my girls nests need emptying and new bedding put in.  I really need to clip their wings but that is a two-man job so maybe when we get back on Sunday, I can make LL help me with that.  Then I will make a detailed list of things for Marlin and our food for the weekend.  I probably won’t go to the store till tomorrow because as I say, I am not a pick-up girl.

I haven’t called Mom yet to see how she is doing and find out if she will try to bowl today.  It is still too early to call her.  Mom hates missing bowling but yesterday, her finger felt pretty sore from the fall and she wasn’t sure she will make it.  If she does go, I wouldn’t mind walking over, (bowling alley is practically across the street from me) and watching her bowl.  She is still a very good bowler and I know a few of the other seniors that play.  It’s a good way to spend an hour or so.

If I do indeed take pictures and find one or two that is interesting, I will post them here later.  Have a great day.


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