Grandma got ran over by a reindeer…..

OK, I am going to say this from the beginning.  It was NOT my fault.  It wasn’t!  Repeat after me.  “It wasn’t Konnie’s fault!”  I can’t hear you.  Say it louder and like you mean it.

Well it all started yesterday morning after I blogged.  I got a few things done around here.  Then I called Mom for my 9:00 check in.  I call her every morning at 9:00.  This gives her time to sleep in if she has trouble sleeping but is early enough that if I can’t get hold of her and know of nothing she has planned, I call my siblings to see if they are with her or knows where she is and if I get a no from all of them, I go to her house to see if she “has fallen and can’t get up”.  So I call her and say I want to go to Doug’s to see the construction and would she like to go with me.  She did.  So I pick her up and we head to North Howell to check on the new house.

As you can see, the house is coming right along.

After walking around the outside and inside, I go to put my camera away and can’t find my lens cap.  Normally I put it in my pocket but I had no pockets, so I put it where every gal does, my bra.  Well it wasn’t there.  I tell Doug that I lost the cap and will go into the office bathroom to see if it was somewhere it shouldn’t be.  He says he will retrace our steps and look.  So I leave Mom standing in the driveway.  Safe and sound.  I go into the bathroom.  Check my boob.  nope not there.  Well with my body, it could be hidden anywhere, so I look lower.  My abdomen is a laberath of rolls and scars so I felt that would be a good place to start.  Not there.  Well you all know I wear a diaper so I had to check out that situation.  Not there either.  So I decide to check where I should have checked to begin with.  My other boob.  Yep, found it!

So I go out, don’t see Mom but decide to find Doug to let him know.  Found him in front and we go through the inside of the house.  Luckily I am not hard of hearing because if it was up to Doug, Mom would still be laying there.  I hear a scream.  I start running and I find Mom laying on the ground in one of the green houses.  (she was snooping).  I find her glasses and do a quick check over.  Noticed a bump on her head.  Her glass lens popped out and her glasses were bent.  Oh well, we’ll take care of that later.  Doug helps her up.  Well I knew she would be bruised but thought we got off lucky.  As we made our way up to the car, Mom noticed she was bleeding through her sweat shirt.  She had a bad cut on her arm.  So I took her to where Doug is living to clean and patch her up.  After a better look, I decided to call the doctor and they said bring her in now.

We get there.  They decided with her delicate skin, they should not use stitches but taped the laceration up and checked her over to make sure she did not have a concussion.  She had quite the noggin on her head by her eye.  So after we leave, I take her to the eye doctor to fix her glasses.  We go home, I get her settled, picked up her house, call Karen to stop by later.  By the time I leave, the swelling on her head was going down.

A couple of hours later I call Karen to check on Mom.  She said her eye is black.  Well silly me.  I felt bad but was so glad nothing was broke.  It wasn’t till 2:30 this morning, I woke up with a start and remembered not only does she have a wedding to go to this weekend, but she has her grandson’s wedding next Friday that I am sure many pictures of her will be taken.  I feel sick.

It doesn’t help that this morning before I went over there, I call, Damn David is there.  My first words are “don’t say it, I feel terrible and lost sleep over it.”  He says, “I already am making her take you out of the will.”  I say, ” That is fine, don’t want anything anyway, but with all the benefits come all the responsiblity, so have fun with THAT!”  A$$ #ole! Anyway.  I did see her and she does have a Shiner.  But I am hoping in a week and a half it wont be so bad.

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