Grey skies are going to clear up……

Good Morning!  I was just watching the weather predictions for this next weekend.  Oh I hope they are right that it should be dry and maybe get up to 70 degrees.  Spending a couple full and dry days at Miller’s crossing would be heaven.  We could get a lot done and also a bit of relaxing.

This morning, I hope to do a few things here.  Then if it is not raining, I would like to drive to my brother Doug’s place to check out how the new house is coming a long and to take a few pictures.  After that I thought I would stop by Mom’s to see how things are going there.

I feel little by little, day by day, more and more like myself after, for me, a long damp dark winter.  It could also be that my “issues” are not draining me right now.  After I get back from Mom’s and doing a bit more around here, I am making steak, baked potato and salad for dinner.  This will be the first steak I have had while doing this elimination diet.  They are small and thin so hopefully I wont over eat and have problems.  I was making steak for dinner up at Miller’s crossing last weekend, but that was one of the foods I forgot. 😦


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