From Palaces to Crossings

As you can see from the post down below, I finally was able to upload pictures.  I find that with some things I have tons of patience, but with computer glitches, patience for me does not exist.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time with Mom and Kris and then came home and roasted a turkey breast for dinner.  As far as I can tell, turkey has given me no problems.  Maybe my system just hasn’t had enough exposure to turkey to develop an intolerance.  But right now I am thankful for it.  After Max, LL and I ate a bit of it for dinner, there is plenty of meat for sandwiches and I will freeze enough to put in a dish or two later.

Yesterday, before going to Mom’s, there was tons of sirens and helicopters in my neighborhood.  Kris called me and said there was a fire at the Palace Theater.  This is our local movie house that was built in the thirties and has been kept original in set-up and decor.  The owners have updated the chairs, digital sound and projectors, etc.  But when you first walk into the theater, you feel you have stepped back into a simpler time.

So I grabbed my camera and ran to take some shots.  The fire was already out when I got there but I could see the historical lobby area was destroyed. 😦

Unfortunately I put my camera in the trunk of car to keep it safe and LL took the car this morning.  I Hate when I do that.

I am working around here today.  The sun is peaking out even though it is wet.  I am sure I will get sidetracked from inside work if today turns out to be nice.  I am so dreaming of late spring and summer, when I spend most my time outside.

LL is taking a furlough day tomorrow.  We will be getting Marlin ready for his move over to Miller’s crossing.  Our original plan was to take it tomorrow afternoon and spend the weekend at our new camp site to get a feel for what work we wanted to do on it.  Then go the following weekend with any tools and materials needed.  But our plans have changed.  Remember when I mentioned Bailey’s health problems?  Well she has been through lots of exams, blood tests, a flex scope, and now they do feel she needs a colonoscopy.  Poor thing.  Not too many soon to be 20 year olds have a colonoscopy done, but I am glad they are doing it.  It will be done tomorrow afternoon.  So LL and I will spend the morning working in Marlin, and then take Bailey for the procedure.  We will not want to leave her to head to the campsite right after, so if all goes as planned, we will take Marlin late Saturday morning to Millers Crossing and spend one night there.  I know Bailey wont feel good when she comes home tomorrow evening and I want to keep an eye on her until I know she is doing better.

I hope they finally will have some answers as to why Bailey has been so sick, and if you are so inclined, please pray for that outcome.



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