Darn, no pictures

Well I had a pretty cute post planned here, but for some reason, the upload of pictures on to the blog is not working right now, thinking it is on their end.  Blog website I mean.  So  thought I should at least post something here today with just text and hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can post pictures from Easter.

We had a wonderful day on Sunday at Kris’s home.  Dinner was great, Katie’s boys hunted eggs.  We all had a good time.

I did not get glutened from dinner but did not adhere to the restrictive diet I have been on for my digestion.  And I paid dearly for it.  Yesterday, I had issues first thing in the morning.  Took imodium as I had a meeting for my sister Kathy at 11:00.  Kris picked my up and I made it through the meeting by sitting very still.  Came home and a couple of hours later, well all hell broke loose, so to speak.  The rest of the day and evening had me pretty much down for the count.   I KNOW !  I can hear what you are thinking.  “Why did you eat and drink things you knew was not going to be good?”   Well I do not know why,…..I just did!  So this morning I was drained but feeling better.

I got up and had to run to Salem for a blood draw.  I have an appointment with my Cancer doctor next week and so the days between the draw and the appointment always has me a little nervous.

I was back home by 8:00 this morning, took my scooter out to ride around and go to the grocery store for a couple of things.  Beautiful day.  I have wasted the rest of the morning trying to upload pictures for this blog but am going to leave it alone and try again tonight or tomorrow.

This afternoon, while the birds are singing and the weather is still holding up, I am going to the garden area and see what work I can do there.  I am hoping my compost has been brewing good enough that I can add it and turn the soil so that in a few weeks, with a little tilling, my garden beds will be good to go.  Have a great day.

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