Rolling Potato

Boy, what a difference a full night sleep makes.  I would have liked to sleep later but it really does not matter if I have 1 hour or 6 hours of sleep, my body wakes up before 5 am almost every morning. 😦  Still, I feel so much better.  Even my abdomen and lower region is slowly recovering.  When I have many consecutive bad days, my intestines become inflamed and feels like someone scrubbed it with a brillo pad.  Today I am hoping to have another good day because Max does not have any staff or work, so I am in charge of him and he always has a better day with a couple of outtings.  So with careful eating, I hope we can go visit his grandma and maybe goodwill and a couple other places.

So what is on the menu today?  Well for breakfast I am having a banana again.  Lunch, I am having rice……again.  But I am really shaking it up for dinner.  A baked potato.  Yep, call me Miss Exciting……that’s how I roll. 😉

Tomorrow, LL is working all afternoon and so is Max.  So I will hopefully spend most the day with Mom and Kris.  It will be day three eating very limited so I know I might be a bit cranky, hungry and wimpy.  But I really need to make it through so my body has a clean slate and I can start my elimination diet.

Sunday I have a bridal shower I really need to go to, but after that is over, for dinner, I need to decide if I will incorporate cheese or meat in my meal and see what happens.  I so hope that I can finally pin point the worse triggers that cause my “issues”.  Besides gluten, I know nuts and too much meat causes problems, but when I have done the elimination diet in the past, I have found that I add too many foods back into my diet too fast.  I really need to be more disciplined this time.  Hey, with any luck, I might have a few pounds off as an added benefit.


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