The Way

Months ago, I wanted to go to the theater to see the movie The Way.  It takes place in Europe and looked like a film that would be gorgeous on the big screen.  I did not make it.  But it is out on dvd now, so yesterday, LL and I watched it.

What a beautiful film.  The scenery and architecure are captured in spectacular fashion.  The movie is written and directed by Emilio Estevez.  He is also in the movie with a small but important role.  The star of the movie is Estevez’s real life father Martin Sheen.  My favorite president.  President?  Yes, he stars in one of my favorite of all time shows The West Wing as Jeb Bartlett.  Kane and I loved this show so much and we still call Jeb Bartlett the best president this country has ever had. LOL
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If you are tired or antsy, it would not be a good time to watch this movie.  The movie takes its time.  Slow but not boring.  Sheen is at his best and although I have always liked Emilio’s acting, it is obvious to me his real talent is in directing.


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