Still Sickos

How are you all doing?  Monday I took Max to the doctor.  He is now taking a couple more medicines.  One is Prednisone.  Was a little nervous because Max has never taken that and with his other meds. I am always nervous about a new one.  But wow!  What a turn around.  He made it to work yesterday and is on his way to work today.  On Monday, Kelli spent about 4 hours cleaning most of Max’s house.  I so appreciate that she did this.  O., his staff had not been feeling well for quite a while so things were pretty nasty in his home.

LL stayed home yesterday from work.  He has to be very sick before he will take time off, so you can imagine how miserable he was.  I still think he was too sick to work today, but he felt the need to go but said when he got done with all the necessary things, he might come home early.  Since my cancer and treatments, I tend to catch everything, but so far I am the only one to go untouched and hope to continue doing so.

Bailey has had more serious health issues.  Digestion, and some scary signs.  Especially when you have rectal cancer in your family’s history.  She went to the doctor yesterday and will see a specialist.  For sure have a scope done but possibly a colonoscopy.  Having that done at 20 years old is serious business.  I’ll keep you updated.

Kane comes home today from a trip to Missouri to visit Lisa, his girlfriend.  He sounded so sad to be leaving her.  Feel bad for him but will be glad to have him home.

So yesterday I went to the salon and Kris colored and cut my hair.  I went from looking like Chris Farley to looking like Jennifer Anniston.  You are probably thinking, “When did Kris become a gym trainer and plastic surgeon?”  Well aren’t you sarcastic!.  OK, maybe not that big of a difference, but I do feel better.! 🙂



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