Sick House

Boy oh boy.  Last week Kelli was dealing with pneumonia.  Wednesday and Thursday, Max did not make it to work.  Friday, O. Max’s staff called in sick.  Sunday, Max started going backwards and feeling bad again.  LL woke up this morning feeling sick and eventually dragging himself to work.  Jeesh, I am surprised I am doing so well.  I hope I did not jinx myself.  I am going to try to get Max in to see the doctor this morning.  I also had a bit of bad news last week.  O., who has worked with Max for over 3 years now, has a lot of physical issues and gave her two weeks notice.  Then on Sunday, she called and said her doctors told her that she needed to be done working now.  Oh I feel bad for her.  Max is upset.  He loves O.  and needed more transition time.  I am not sure if I want a substitute staff with him this week, or have me in charge of Max in order to have this week to find new staff.  We’ll see.

Saturday, we had kind of a girls day.  Kris, Mom and I went to visit Kathy.  We then drove to Keizer and picked up Bailey.  Grandma and Kris got to see Bailey’s cute apartment.  Then we went to Kara’s house.  Kara prepared wonder snacks and we watched a show and the end of a movie.  Kelli, Katie, and Sam joined us after a while.  It was a nice change in my ho-hum days.  Well I best get up and call the doctor.  Hopefully he can see Max this morning.  Have a nice day.


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