Happy 50th Birthday

I took this picture while in Sisters Oregon last weekend.

Today is LL’s Birthday.  It’s a biggy.  He is 50 years old.  I KNOW!  I am married to an old man. LOL.  LL, Kane and my mom are on their way to St. Evelyn’s on the Mount.  That is Spirit Mountain Casino for those who do not speak Konnie language fluently.  They will be gone for a good part of the day.  We woke up this morning to snow coming down and two deer munching in our front yard.  Very sweet.

While LL is gone, I need to get some work done around here.  Yesterday, I had scans done which meant my digestion was goofed up all day.  Kelli, being sick and me being down, the house looks like an explosion but a little picking up will have to do because I have some errands to run.  Later, the kids will be here for a spaghetti dinner.  LL chose that.  He has pretty simple tastes.  So have a great day, I hope to and……Happy Birthday Sweetheart.  ❤

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