What does your week hold?

Hi all.  Last weekend was pretty easy-going.  LL and I were hoping to get some yard clean up done, but the weather brought us snow, sleet, rain, and very cold temperature.  So instead, we worked on finishing the clean up of Bailey’s old room.  Well to be honest, LL did most the work.  He puttied the walls, touched up paint, cleaned carpet, moved spare bed from middle room to this room.  It looks great.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time at Mom’s house.  Kris’s back was hurting so we did not walk.

Today I am spending the day here and taking advantage of Kelli.  We are going to get some major scrubbing done.  Well I hope.

Wednesday I will be taking Kelli to Salem so I will take advantage of some stores in the vicinity.  Goodwill in particular.  There is a couple of items I am needing and would rather reuse from someone else rather than purchasing something new.

Thursday and Friday are up in the air.

This upcoming weekend, I am hoping LL and I make it to Sisters.  LL got a good deal on a room there and it is his birthday weekend.  Sisters is a town we always stop by for an hour or two while going somewhere else like camping or going to Bend.  We have wanted to just go there to relax, visit shops, etc.  We might try going up the road to our favorite camping spot, just to see how far we get.  I am not sure if we will even make it to Sisters though.  The weather has been nuts here in Oregon.  But we’ll see.  I hope, I hope, I hope.

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