A splash of reality

Years ago, when LL was at a Men’s Retreat through church, a friend of ours was expressing his frustration that his son was having such a difficult medical problem.  Then the friend looked at LL and said, “I can’t believe I am complaining to you about my problems when you have Max with such lifelong issues”.  LL, being the compassionate man that he is, looked at the friend and said, “I know what you are saying because I get down about things and then I look over at _____, (whose child had died) and think, what am I complaining about.

Then I think about me sitting with a couple of people, one was completely coming unglued about an impending divorce and turned to me and said “I can’t handle this!  No one knows what it is like to have your life fall apart like mine”.  I did not say anything to that person, but the other person sitting there said, “Are you kidding me, you are saying that to Konnie who has a very disabled son, lost her dad and mother-in-law within a couple of months, her house and every thing she owns burned in the fire, and she is now battling Cancer.”  This was a couple of years ago.  I remember sitting there and appreciated this friends words, but came away feeling more depressed then I had been in a long time.

Fast forward to last night.  LL came home from his councelling session.  He never gives me names, towns, or any particulars, but said it was a rough night.  One of his clients last week, on the same day, lost his dad and his son.  The same DAY.  Both unexpected.  When clients miss a meeting, they have to show proof of death.  This man did in fact go through this.

So I feel I have had a splash of reality.  Yes, for the average  person going through life, having no rectum, neuropathy, having to wear diapers, limited diet, and soiling oneself  to the point that they live life mostly at home is a terrible existence.  Frankly, after I just typed that, I don’t really like my lot in life either……but when compared to the heartache the man LL is helping is going through……Well, I have got it pretty good.  Not saying that in a few days, when digestion or other factors make me feel bad, that I won’t complain here about it…OH I WILL.  But

Count your blessings……I am!



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  1. Thank you Konnie for writing about that, it truly reminds us to thank God for the true treasures we have in our life and to remember that we ourselves are treasures to our loved ones. Sending love your way.
    Love Brenda Williams

  2. Keeping everything in perspective…that’s the hard part about Life. A big hug to you!

  3. That really does put life into perspective. No matter how hard a day I’m having there is someone out there that is having a worse one. Makes me super thankful for everything and everyone that I have.

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