Eleven o’clock is not my friend

Good Morning!  or is it afternoon.   It is a beautiful day here in Silverton.  Yesterday was a mixed bag.  Both in weather and in Konnie Land.  Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was a bad night for me.  I wasn’t glutened, but even when things work perfectly, well, when you got to go, you got to go.  And when you have no rectum for storage, well you just go running to the bathroom and continue to do so until it is over.  Sometimes takes hours.  That night it started just as I was going to bed at 11:00 and continued till 4:30.  I got  a couple of hours sleep after that.

Things started up again shortly after I woke up but I did not eat, so by the time Kelli and I went to Salem….All was good.  I went to Winco.  I normally like to shop locally in my hometown, but cupboards were really bare and I was going for the most bang for my bucks.  But with the lack of sleep, the most I got done after I got back was to put away the groceries.

Then last night, again around 11:00, a carbon copy of the night before.  Although I think I was only up till 3:00 and was able to get a little over 3 hours of sleep.  So you can imagine what I am like today.  Not functioning well, but am determined now that things seem to have stopped, to get a little done.  I would love to walk around town and take pictures, but I am walking like a sumo wrestler because of sores and pain.  So I will be happy to get a little done around here and be lazy after that.

LL is working in Portland this evening as usual, but Kane is coming over.  So since my cupboards are full, I am going to make a dinner that he, Max and I can enjoy.  Pray, send good thoughts, or whatever that I have no problems tonight and get some sleep.  Unfortunately I am not a napper.  Have a great day.


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