Come On In

I believe I have kept the right attitude about my chickens.  While they are in my care, I will get to know their personalities, I will feed and care for them to keep them healthy, but they are livestock.  Not pets.  Livestock, not pets.  After all, the only reason I have them is for their eggs.  Thinking that they will not have a good laying year, I have been thinking about trading them with my aunt for younger hens.  Just like last year, I called my aunt and asked if it was time to trade.  She said to wait a few more weeks to see what my girls will do.  Well, last week Hannah and Harriet started laying big beautiful eggs.  Just as Aunt Leone predicted.  I know, if you have been a long time reader you might be thinking, “didn’t this happen last year?”  Well yes it did.  I never said I was a smart or patient girl.

So there is a very good chance my girls will be with me another year.  OK, Henrietta has not started laying but she is my favorite, so she gets to free load off the other two if she has to.

Sadly, someone forgot to explain to the ladies that they are not pets.  That they are not supposed to walk right in the house like they own the place.  Don’t they know they are not the bosses of the household.  That title is reserved for Beau and Rufus.

Harriet looks like she is inviting the other two in.


Unfortunately, after scooting them out the back door, I had a bit of clean up to do.  When ever they make their way in and leave evidence of their visit, LL gets more than a little perturbed.  Yes, I am thinking that he can handle being married to the neighborhood dog lady, but he did not sign on being married to the neighborhood coopkeeper.

Boy, look how fat Hannah got over the winter.  Poor lady at the auction might have to wait for her chicken soup.  Seriously, I did not know chickens could develop rolls.  Now not only do I have a plump sheltie, but fat hens too.  Well as long as they keep laying, I do not care.


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