Hello out there

Remember me?  I haven’t forgotten you or my blog.  I will keep this very brief because of my computer.  Over the last couple weeks I have tried to upload pictures and I have tried to write text.  But our computer shuts down with out warning.  It is not the battery or the power cord.  The problem will cost more to fix than the computer is worth.  So I am waiting for us to buy another computer.  We have our eye on  one.  But trying to be responsible consumers, we don’t want to deplete savings or use a credit card, so I am just waiting patiently till LL and I both agree it is time to go get a computer with cash.  I am hoping it will happen this weekend but maybe not till next week.  Until then, please don’t forget to check in and see if I am back up and running.


A quick update before something goes wonky and I can’t get this posted.  LL and I took Max to the beach last weekend for his birthday.  We had a great time………Bailey moved out on Wednesday.  She and her friend Livy have an apartment in Keizer……..and my health and digestion is up and down.  No improvement but not any worse.

Ok, I hope this will post.  I will not even do a spell check because that would definitely be tempting fate, so excuse the bad spelling.

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