It is Finished

I took this picture of David putting himself in time out in November.  Growing up, he was there a lot. 🙂   This fireplace was truly the heart of this home.  It is where our family pictures were taken, it was next to the Christmas tree with stockings hung on it.  So it was fitting the last picture I took of my childhood home was of the fireplace.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the memories.  And Thank you dear home…….you served us well.

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  1. The house was a landmark for us Kepler’s when we came to visit, I can still recall how when we drove there I was always a little tickled by the scenery just getting there and upon arriving always feeling secure and welcomed and overwhelmed by all the beauty surrounding it. Sad to see it go, but you are extremely fortunate to have the memories you do…

  2. Hi Konnie, I hope you and your family are doing ok. I just love reading your posts and keeping my mom in the loop of her cousins but haven’t seen any new posts. Hopefully it’s just computer problems and you guys are doing ok. Just wanting to know we think about you!! Love Brenda

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