And The Walls Come Crumbling Down

When I arrived on Friday, the demolition was underway.  Most of the office was gone and the back bathroom was next.

Doug’s family were there looking on and so was a few others, including Mom and I.

The kitchen was next to come down.

The guys were hauling metal away as the house was coming down.

This is the original part of the house.  It was pretty small.

You can see the upstairs rail.  Growing up, this is where Karen’s room was.

There goes the furnace.

The laundry room and wood stove room was next.  This is where the original kitchen was located.

This is when it got really hard for me.  Look close upstairs.  You can see blue.  That is the bed/bookshelves/desk combo my dad made for Kris and I.  About this time I said, “Damn, I wasn’t thinking.  I should have removed some of that and had LL make something out of it for me.”  Well, when the demolition was done, my nephew Thomas, stumbled through the debris and retreived a few huge pieces of the wood.  When Kris found out she told me to have LL make her something too.  Don’t know why it seems so important to us, but I guess we wanted to honor my father’s years of providing this home and taking what little spare time he had to make our childhood room special.

Almost done

There goes the chimney.  You can see Mom in the background, looking on.

I will be posting more pictures.  The house and the garage on fire.


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