A Flooded Mind

My sister Kris and I both get excited when the forecast has snow in it.  We laugh at each other because neither one of us will sleep much if there is a chance we might miss snow fall.  Well here it is around 2:00 and something woke me.  Not a sound, not a hope of snow, but a feeling.  So I look out the window and because of all the snow in the hills and the fact that it has been raining buckets…..the banks of Silver Creek has overflowed.  Through the darkness, I can see the water creeping out over the field between two of my neighbors across the street.  Now I can not sleep.  I guess some place in my itty bitty mind, I think I am the keeper of the neighborhood and must keep watch if the waters start to reach our neighbors van.  It isn’t a nice van.  It is a large, old van that our elderly neighbors drive a couple of times a week to pick up people to go to church.  So it is an important van.

Now, even if the waters reach the van, this is a wide open space that is not likely to sweep the van away, or even damage it in any way.  But still I watch.  Did I mention that my mind is itty bitty. 🙂  So knowing myself and the unlikelihood that I am going to go back to sleep.  I am thinking of starting the coffee, turn on the news, and wait for it to get light enough to take a few pictures.

I also need to warn you that if indeed I ever use this laptop computer to write another post…..it will be a miracle.  We knew it was coming, but it truly is about to break for good.  I can just tell.  And as the old superstition goes…..Deaths happen in threes.  So does……expensive items break in threes.  First my vacuum cleaner, next will be this computer, and I hate to think what number three will be.

So talk to you later…….or not 😦


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