Week 3, 2012

Snow and rain mix coming down right now.  The weather here in Silverton the last few days seems to change on a dime.  Rain, Sleet, snow, wind, you name it for winter weather, we have had it.  It was a three-day weekend for LL.  Well sorta.  He ran his counseling groups last night, but it was nice having him home more the last few days.  He has been tired, burning the candles at both ends, so this weekends rest was most welcome.

I am not an all-weather driver, and even though the roads look good today, I probably wont go anywhere.  I hope tomorrow is better because I need to drive Kelli to Salem tomorrow.  So what is the plan for this week.  Well I will give you my best guess.

Today, I did not get coops clean last week and I think my girls must be freezing, so I WILL clean out nests and give the girls lots of fresh bedding to snuggle in.  My house is pretty clean and laundry caught up, but last week our vacuum cleaner kind of exploded.  Sparks and all.  LL and I bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday, so I am going to play with it and thoroughly clean floors and furniture.  We decided that no matter how expensive the vacuum cleaner, we are very hard on them and they don’t last too long.  Although our last one lasted over 7 years.  Still, we went with an inexpensive, windtunnel Hoover that is bagless and washable filters.  With all the dog hair, I was constantly changing the bags and filters, so this should save 15 to 20 dollars a month. 🙂  Kane gets home from Missouri tonight.  I really miss him and I am excited to hear the details of his trip.

Wednesday, as I said up above, I hope to be taking Kelli to Salem.  Her appointment is at 2:00.  A risky time for my digestion.  And the plan might change because she might have a job interview at the same time up north, so who knows.  With Bailey so busy at her work, and moving out soon, Kane going back to work, Rett’s work schedule so hairy, and LL working most evenings, I am anticipating that we wont be spending much time together as a group soon, so we all decided every other Wednesday, to have a family dinner.  Oh I am sure there will be some Family Dinner nights that not everyone can make it, but it is a time that they all can come, count on a plentiful but simple dinner and we all can catch up.  So this Wednesday is the first.  Bailey has class in Salem that evening, so dinner will be early and simple.  Tacos I thing 🙂

Thursday I am hoping my digestion is doing fine because Max is feeling a bit lost lately and I would like to do something fun that evening.  Just Max and me.  Perhaps dinner out, or a movie, or maybe just browsing Goodwill and going to the video store.

**As I am writing this, the snow is coming down like I have never seen it before.  Huge flakes, no rain mix and starting to stick on the ground.  Yes, I am not going anywhere today.



Ok, where was I.

Oh yes, Friday, don’t know about Friday.  Sounds like an uneventful week, but what I do know, is that plans change quickly around here.  Oh well, have a great Tuesday.


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