The Nut House

When writing the title of this post, I was having a little difficulty deciding on a name.  Kane’s Birthday would be appropriate, but I could have went with Kane’s Bitchday, or the Frat House, but the Nut House won out.

So here is what the Nut house has been up to over the last day.  Kane came over for his birthday.  I planned a nice dinner and I guess it turned out OK, but my “issues” have been horrible so the food was passable but not what I had hoped.  We had Steak and Hamburgers, potatoes, salad, cake and ice cream.  About the cake in a minute.

I think the Kids are a couple of days early for the big game.  Wonder who they’re hoping will win.

So because Kane’s birthday is smashed between Christmas and New Year’s, Kane birthday always seems too much of a non-event.  So along with making what was supposed to be a nice dinner, I also bought a cake from Roths.  I picked it out and asked them to write Happy Birthday Kane.  I did more grocery shopping and came back for the cake without looking at it.  So when I opened it up before dinner, at first glance it looks like Happy Bitchday Kane.

As you can see, my baby boy is 26 years old.  TWENTY SIX!  Where has the time gone.

I actually think Kane prefered it to be his Happy Bitchday and asked if that meant he could complain for the rest of the evening.

Shortly after this picture was taken, my nice quiet family evening ran off the rails.  Besides the five of us for dinner, Rett, Bailey’s boyfriend was also here.  And Kara stopped by for some cake.  But while cake was being eaten, my “issues” really started picking up and I was left to run back and forth to the bathroom.  Gradually walking more and more like John Wayne.  Then Steve, my brother-in-law brought Kelli, my niece home.  Kelli is staying with us for a while.  So Steve came in and visited for a few minutes.  LL and Steve started talking about the economy and bills and how “broke” they both were.  So what did they decide to do at 9:30 pm.  Take Kane the bitchday boy and take I guess their “imaginary” money to Spirit Mountain Casino.  Whoo Hoo!  Well whoo hoo for them.  By this time I decided to get jammies on and move to the bedroom.  The bedroom is closer to the bathroom.  So I play games on-line and run to the bathroom.  After a couple of hours of this, I have Kelli bring me my medicines and take something for the pain.  So the last thing I remember is Max creating something in the office, Bailey and Rett watching on one T.V..  Kara and Kelli watching t.v. on another.  I then kind of remember the guys getting home sometime in the wee hours of the morning.  I don’t know, I did not sleep well but the medicine makes things a bit foggy.

So around 6:00 this morning, just a little while ago, I get up and am thinking I will sit in the living room and blog.  I flip on the light, and Rett jumps and I jump even higher.  Did not know he was sleeping on the couch.  That’s ok, I guess Max must have decided to sleep in the upstairs spare bedroom so Rett was left with the couch.  So I grab the computer and coffee and start my way downstairs to my nice spacious family room.  But wait, what is that lump laying there.  Ok, I guess the bitchday boy didn’t want to drive home so late.  So I have Kelli in the downstairs spare room, Max in the upstairs spare room, Bailey in her room, Kane in family room, Rett in Living room. I am feeling like the Animal House.  So I take the computer back into the bedroom and hope to be quiet so LL can sleep longer.  As I was getting into bed, LL says to me, “I think we need a bigger house”.  Which is ironic, because we have been wanting to downsize.

By the way, just as I am finishing up writing this, the phone just rang and I have a new Great Nephew.  My niece Brittney just delivered her baby.  It’s a boy.  6 lbs 6 oz.  Jackson.  What a way to bring in the new year.  So Happy New Year’s eve from the Nut House.


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