Out Of Step

Well good morning.  I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a merry Christmas.  Ours was very relaxed and somewhat different.  After coming off of 2 very bad days of “issues”, I found myself disorganized and feeling disheveled in so many ways.  Every thing got wrapped and under the tree, but no special dinner or treats Christmas eve.  In fact, Bailey had to work so that was already a change.  Christmas morning, a few items were not picked up on my grocery list, but since Bailey and LL had to do it for me, I really could not complain.  So breakfast was a bit simpler than planned and LL made it.  We then read from the bible, opened gifts and relaxed awhile before heading to my sister Kris’s home.

Again, very relaxed.  Many people coming and going.  We played cards, dice and Apples to Apples.  I took not a single picture.  I know!  Very bad of me.  I guess I just felt out of sync all this Christmas season.  It was not just me.  LL felt the same way.  I guess with the kids getting older, we are seeing some traditions fall away and it is making me a little sad.  But that is life.  Things change and evolve.  It also didn’t help that LL worked his two jobs and also had to substitute a couple evenings last week and will also be doing so this week.  I think he is getting tired but he likes what he is doing.  For me, it just means I am home alone even more. 

Today, it is cloudy and a bit dark and dreary.  But it does not look cold and I feel a real need to get out, walk around my little town and take pictures.  So hopefully I will be back later with my spirits raised and some snaps to share.

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