Merry Christmas Eve eve

Merry Christmas Eve eve.  So here is the plan.  Just a plan, because after having a few days of relief and mobility.  I have had a horrible 36 hours of “issues” and it’s not over yet.  But I still hope things will improve enough to get a few things done.

This morning is clean up of house, make a list for groceries, wrap gifts (yes, I still haven’t done this), spend the late afternoon/evening with Kris, and possible Karaoking with the family in Mt. Angel.  LL and Bailey have the today off, so I am not even going to attempt getting the groceries myself.  After all, I am walking around like a bull legged Texan right now.

I am hoping that I will be recovered by tomorrow.  I am helping Kris a little bit tomorrow morning, then the rest of the day will be relaxed.  Bailey has to work Christmas Eve, so I think the guys and I will just watch holiday movies and eat snacks.  Instead of making a big dinner on Christmas day, I am planning a brunch.  Because if I am having “issues”, LL makes a mean breakfast so he can take over for me.  Bailey is working late into Christmas morning at the hospital, so we will let her sleep in, and when she is up, we will eat and open gifts.  Early afternoon, we will be heading over to Kris’s home.  The plan is not a big meal, but appetizers, snacks, desserts, and playing lots of games.  No gift exchange this year which is kinda nice. 

Well I best get my body moving, waddling is more like it.  Have a great Christmas Eve eve.

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