What I Know For Sure

I don’t know much about …….well, anything.  But here is a few things I have figured out.

I know if I eat something shortly before I go to bed…….I will be running to the bathroom.  (this is why I am starting to write this post at 11:30 pm and will take me three times longer to finish it.)

I know if I miss giving Beau and Rufus their evening snack…..they will hound me until I get up and give them their treasures. (like they did about 10 minutes ago)

Bathroom break

I know that no matter how many times I tell my family plastic bags are not recyclable…..every day I am digging them out of the bin.  (like I did earlier today)

I know that no matter how many times my family watches Christmas Vac…Bathroom Break again….ation…….Everyone laughs at it like it is the first time they have watched it.  (like on Thanksgiving day)

I know that every time I start to have “issues” and am running to the bathroom……….My boys, Beau and Rufus chase me in and look at me like “she’s at it again, can we help her? No, guess we are done here” then run back out leaving the door open.  (like they did just a couple of minutes ago)  Disturbing, I know.

I know that with a big boisterous loving family, there will be fireworks……….The trick is to enjoy the light show without getting burned by the fall out.  (like practically every day of my life)

I know that even though the roll of toilet paper is out and a new one is needed………..It will remain sitting on the floor unless I am the one who puts it on the wall. (like every blooming time it’s replaced!)  Seriously, is it that hard.

I know that when your kids are adults, unless your opinion is requested………..It is best to keep your mouth shut (all the time)

I know when they ask your opinion on something and they do the opposite………..if it goes bad, “I told you so” is never helpful.  Best to keep your mouth shut.  Again (all the time).

I know when Max is tearing the house and garage apart to find just the right item………Best to let him be, Magic is about to happen. 🙂  (like the rabbit and squirrel puppets he just made)



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