Tree Topping

The weekend started off with us going to my mom’s for tree decorating.  Normally, Kara put my mom’s tree top on.  She has for years.  But she was busy Friday evening, so Karen took a picture with her phone and sent it to Kara, just to make her jealous.


LL and Steve

We are such a weird family.

I did make it to the Miller Christmas Party.  Unfortunately, because of getting a bit side tracked, I left Baby, my camera home.  It was a great turn out with lots of children running around.  It was very relaxed.  We had a potato bar and pot luck.  I was careful not to get glutened, but just as the white elephant exchange was about to take place, I was running to the bathroom.  We took two cars, so after about 30 minutes, I knew things were not going to improve so I drove to Mt. Angel to finish up my “issues”.
I do hope to get hold of some pictures from someone else. 
Everything for this week is up in the air.  I need to do some Christmas shopping.  Time is getting away from me and Christmas is just around the corner.  Had I known my “issues” would be so bad right now, I would have shopped on-line.  If I order this late, I am not sure if things would get here on time.  Oh well, I can only do the best I can right now anyway.

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