Trying to Not Lose Hope

I haven’t talked this week about my “issues”.  That is about to change.  Except for the little taste of smoke salmon on Sunday, I have been meat free, and I know I have been gluten-free.  But I have had a horrible week.  A few late nights, a few days sitting quietly and then not quite making it to the bathroom.  When things calm down, I am left with open sores that make it difficult to move and do anything.  I am not ready to give up on giving up meat.  I know it takes at least a couple of weeks for a body to adjust.  But I am feeling a bit down.

At least this morning……after a brief session of running to the bathroom, I was able to go to Woodburn to pick up my mom at the hair salon.  We then went to a couple of stores so I could get things for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Miller Christmas.  My LL’s brother’s and all the family, getting together for a bit of fun.  I bought a few things for gifts and ingredients for food to share.  So I am hoping to bake in a while, but I was thinking.  I bought ingredients for cookies and know if I start having problems….Bailey makes great cookies and can take over for me.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  My nieces and nephews have been busy over the last few years making babies.  I haven’t met a couple of them, so it is really important to me, to be able to go.  The party is a couple of towns over in Gervais, so if I have problems, it should not be a problem being a little late or having to leave a little early.  So, Again,……..wish me luck.


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