A Merry Miller Christmas :(

I know….Not a very good picture of me.  But by this time, I was frazzled and tired.  Tired of my ungrateful family.  Why did they make me frustrated.  Well, we are not often in the same room, so after decorating the tree, I wanted a group picture.  I set up the tripod, set the timer and took about three pictures.  I then looked at them, and my hands looked like I was groping Kane’s Man boobs.  So I told them all to get back into place.  Set the timer again and took three more.  This is when things got hairy.  My sweet demented daughter, Bailey decided to be funny, and in all three pictures, she is groping Rett’s man boobs.  After getting done yelling at her, I told them all to get back into place.  They all looked at me like I was nuts, and I think one of them actually said Mom has finally lost it.  And they had no intention of getting back into place.  So I yelled at all of them.  Yes, poor Rett too.  After all, I am sure he could feel Bailey groping him and could have put a stop to it.  Well none of them were safe from my wrath.

But I know my family and know they will always go for the funny.  So I said, “If you all get back into place and let me take one serious picture……I will take another of everyone’s man boobs getting groped.  Well that is all it took.  So up above is the serious family picture but with me looking, well……done in.  And here is the true Miller Family Portrait below, because everyone thinks their a comedian.


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  1. hahahah I love the second one best!

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