Christmas Tree

On Saturday, LL and I went up in the Silverton hills and picked out a tree.

Look at all the beautiful trees.  I should have just walked up to the first and snatched it up.  But NOOOO, I make my husband go through the whole field, to the very back, find just the right tree, cut it down and carry it all the way back through the other trees.  I can’t help it, I do it every year.

But it was a beautiful day.  Cold, crisp and sunny.

So here is my tree last night.

Kane making snacks for the evening.

Must say, they look so excited to be forced to spend….I mean BLESSED to be spending the evening decorating.

Most years we have a jeweled colored ornaments and lights on tree, but I left it up to the kids and the only one with an opinion was Bailey.  So for this year, we went with blue and silver.

And then we finished the rest of the living room.

Now all the other rooms are trashed…..But I will get to them.


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  1. Blue light! A woman after my own heart. 🙂

    Chris likes the multi-colored, so I humor him and that’s what’s on our tree (with one strand of all white). I like a single-color lighted tree, though. I should just have two! lol

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