No Problems Here :)

Wonderful day.  Well at least for me.  I will post pictures soon, but am trying to figure out how to upload all and link and then just put a few on the blog. 

As I was leaving by myself in the car to help set up for the Purdy Christmas party, my dear LL gave me my Christmas present.  My much wanted and needed telephoto lens for my Nikon, (Baby).  Yes! 

I packed leftovers for the bulk of my meal, but I probably drove some family crazy by asking, “what is in this, what ingredients, is there wheat, is their soy sauce?”  I did not adhere to vegetarian today, because frankly, how could anyone stare down a gluten-free smoked salmon my cousin John brought, without taking part.  You Can’t.  I am happy to report, I made it through the set up, the festivities, and the clean up without “issues”.

The only downside is when your family is in charge, you don’t get as much visiting done.  Lots of cousins I would have liked to visit with.  But it is only one out of 6 or 7 years, and I was happy to be useful this year.  Was really worried about my “issues” getting in the way.

Hopefully, in the next day or two, I will put up the pictures.  If I can’t figure out the link thingy, I will just do the highlights.  But am thinking there are a lot of great Kids and Santa pictures I would like others to be able to print of their kids.  We’ll see.  I am really bad at the uploading, internet, and so on.  I think I might need my sweet darling Rett, (Bailey’s boyfriend) to come over.  Note the Sweet, Darling part.  Buttering up you know.



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