Another Challenge

Good Morning.  December 1st is here.  Bailey has a rare day off.  Well she does have a final to take at school at 4:00, but we have most the day to do what we want to.  I am not much of a shopper.  In fact, I hate malls, lines, and looking through clothes and other stuff.  I know!  I am an embarrassment to all women.  But it is true.  For years, the only way mom and Kris could get me shopping with them was do dangle the carrot of going out to lunch.  But today, I want to take advantage of Bailey’s presence and get a few Christmas gifts. 

I am hoping we can find something for LL, he is very hard to shop for.  Something for Max, and then a few little gifts for a few people.  I then hope we can go grocery shopping before heading home.  Since my “issues” have been bad lately, I will not eat until we get home. 

 And because I have been having so many “issues”, I decided to start a new challenge on this first day of December.  I am going to cut out meat, poultry and fish for a few weeks.  I have done this before for a few days here and there and always felt better, but I do love meat so I always go back to eating it.  But I really don’t feel well right now and think I might have a better holiday season if I go vegetarian.  Maybe I will be able to attend more parties, church and community functions this way.  I am thinking 6 weeks would be a nice challenge for me and give my body time to adjust.  That way after 6 weeks, I should be able to evaluate if I am truly doing better not eating meat and then continue, or go back to my flesh-eating ways.

So when I go grocery shopping today, I need to load up on mushrooms, other veggies, more grains, and a few gluten-free meat substitutes.  I am lucky that Bailey eats very little meat and LL prefers meatless meals, so I don’t even need to cook different meals.  Well I do feel a little sorry for Kane.  When he comes over, I always make steak, or some other yummy meat dish,  I better warn him.    I just need to get creative so I do not get bored before the 6 weeks are over.  That is the real challenge.


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