It’s A Jungle In Here

I should not complain.  When a person complains, it is assumed that they want something to change.  But just because I know things are a bit screwy, doesn’t mean I want it to change.  I have no intention of changing the zoo of LL’s and my creation.  Still, it can be ridiculous.

You all know Beau and Rufus run the household.  They are my constant companions.  Where I go, Beau goes, and even though I hate Rufus’s hair in my car, at times when I get my keys, he gives me such a look of hopefullness, I can not resist taking him. 

Then there are the three ladies.  Their production of eggs have stopped.  Probably not going to do much this spring.  But here I am, feeding, watering, stepping on poop, because I can’t quite come to the point where I can say goodbye and auction them off to the lady who will make soup out of them.

Then there is my planter in front.  I planted winter pansies last year in them.  Every time they would start to bloom, the deer would eat them down to the roots.  The plants still come back.  Last spring, my tulips came up in the same planter but before they could bloom, they got eaten.  Right now, the same pansies are still there about ready to bloom.  I should fence it off, or sprinkly cayanne pepper on them so the deer wont eat them, but I just can’t do it.  I will just wait until our neighborhood herd family of deer makes their round to my house to chomp off the plants.

But what you might not know is how out of hand the other wild life has become.  LL and I love to watch the birds.  So we put a feeder out in front of our french door.

Oh it is empty now, but we fill it a couple times a week.  We also hung a bell feeder, (the one up above) because we felt bad that sometimes the feeder goes empty and we wanted them to have something when they visited.But that wasn’t pathetic enough, no siree.  The squirrels kept climbing onto the feeder and emptying it within minutes.  So we bought “critter feed” and now a couple of times every day, I put food out for the damn squirrels.  Last Sunday, while LL and I were having coffee and watching the birds, one squirrel actually put his paws on the glass of our door, looked inside and started barking at as.  He was demanding food.  So now we are being ordered around by the squirrels.  Embarrassing…..yes, embarrassed enough to change….NO!


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  1. brenda williams

    Konnie this cracks me up… mom actually had a real bad run in with the squirrls this last summer. like you she puts feeders out, she has about half a dozen bird feeders she would fill up twice a day. but those dang squirrls got so bad. she had like 25 squirrls at her place this summer. they would destroy her bird feeders so she stopped putting food in them. well they didnt like that too much so they actually started doing damage around the property. they would get into the gargae and start shredding her things and ect. so Rhett ended up bringing a squirrl cage out and one by one we would catch them and he’d transport them to them forest. mom had some big fat ones, they kind of reminded me of the squirrls of the sword in the stone disney movie. 🙂 thought id share moms squirrl take over story with you. take care see you sunday

  2. That is so funny. Your mom is such a gentle soul, but i can imagine her frustration. The squirrels try to get into my chicken feed all the time and occassionally get into the coop and terrorize my poor girls. The one’s at my house are grey squirrels and are native to Oregon, otherwise, I might let someone do target shooting….ok, not really, but the ground squirrels LL catches at work are not native and he “TELLS” me they catch and release them, not that I buy it. 😦 Looking forward to Sunday, see you then.

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